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Are you ready to break free from the chains of addiction and self-sabotage? Embark on a transformative journey with our expert hypnotherapy sessions and take your first step toward liberation and self-empowerment.

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  • Overcome Addictive Behaviors and Tendencies
  • Eradicate Self-Sabotage and Regain Confidence
  • Build a Foundation of Trust and Self-Worth

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"I am learning to lean into the being of abundance and not focus on fear or scarcity."

"Jeanette skillfully guided me through a gentle meditation and question and answer session where I faced and released fears around money and finances. Since our session together, my mindset around money has changed. I feel more spacious and relaxed. When I think about my finances, even law on the edge of even while in the depths, depth of building my healing business and not having stable income. I am learning to lean into the being of abundance and not focus on fear or scarcity."


"It's like a relief to finally move forward out of a stuck situation."

"I really enjoyed our talk together and felt I got the questions I needed to ask myself in order to move forward from a very stuck situation. I've decided to move and start again completely fresh and embrace the situation with my partner. It falls apart. I'm in a better situation for employment and support. This time I'm more positive about the move and have let go of an awful amount of baggage. And it all came down to the questions you asked and the questions you inspired me to ask myself. Thank you so much. It's like a relief to finally move forward out of a stuck situation. I've evaluated all angles on all three options and feel this is the best solution long term. I'm supported and my kids will be to looking forward to my new adventure slash challenge and just deal with what emerges. Thank you again for your time and questions. It really got me moving out of the loop."


"helped me to discover the source of my blocks and the issues"

"I had an amazing session with Jeanette. She is very professional. She listens in a very compassionate kind way. No judging whatsoever. She helped me to discover the source of my blocks and the issues that kept me stuck almost all my life. But thanks to her help. I understand that the sky is the limit always grateful for that. Jeanette.

Jeanette is amazing came to her because I was feeling overwhelmed, crushed and with no way out. I have tried many things to help myself out of the constant struggle and stress. It was just not working. It felt heavier and heavier. Trying to solve it on my own added to the endless list of things. I really wanted all the mental load off so I can think clearly wasn't sure what to expect or if it could work but she is amazing. saw exactly what I needed. I felt seen and heard and she held space for me to unravel and unfold. We went through so many conflicting beliefs. So many repressed feelings. It felt I felt so good after and have more clarity, feel more relaxed. I have time to finish what I need to do. It doesn't feel overwhelming anymore. So much has changed in such little time. I sleep better, I function better. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner."


"I feel more empowered to do the tasks that will get me to my goals"

"This is the second time I worked with Jeanette. This time I wanted to go deeper into healing my attitude towards abundance. We had an hour long conversational hypnosis slash session. And just by Jeanette asking questions and pointing my focus to certain things in my life. I got so much revelation during our call. The days and weeks after that. Right after our session there was a bit of turmoil for a few days but I needed to see that to see where I am at what my priorities are. And the frustration I felt then truly helped me propel towards personal growth. Now I feel more empowered to do the tasks that will get me to my goals and I no longer view my success as something that must come otherwise I fall apart. I have a more relaxed and trusting relationship with abundance. I invest in myself and my knowledge more. I really appreciate the session and I am more than happy to refer her to my friends. Thank You."


"I feel very certain with my value that I have and the offerings that I share."


"During my session with Jeanette, I was working on my belief around my price point and my fees. I felt that this had definitely shifted and I feel very certain with my value that I have and the offerings that I share. It was easy and natural to chat because though you're having conversation with a friend, conversational hypnotherapy is really cool. I think it's great"


How Our Services Can Help You


At Jeanette Marie's Hypnotherapy, we empower you to:

Break Free from Addictive Patterns: Our hypnotherapy sessions provide a safe and effective way to confront and overcome addictive behaviors and tendencies. We'll delve deep into the root causes of your addiction, providing tools to help you reclaim control over your life.


Eliminate Self-Sabotaging Behaviors: Experience profound transformation as you shed self-sabotaging patterns through our hypnotherapy sessions. We'll guide you on a journey to release past traumas and limiting beliefs, allowing you to move forward with confidence and purpose.

Rebuild Trust and Self-Worth: Our hypnotherapy is designed to help you rebuild trust in yourself and strengthen your sense of self-worth. Whether past actions or external influences have shaken your belief in yourself, our sessions will empower you to see your true value and potential.


Redefine Your Life's Path: Are you ready to redefine your life's trajectory? Our hypnotherapy services dive into the core issues that have led to addiction and self-sabotage, guiding you toward lasting change and a brighter future.



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Jeanette specializes in helping individuals overcome addiction and self-sabotaging behaviors, guiding them toward a life of purpose, resilience, and self-belief.

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